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    AppVol 4.0 desktops not showing online

    DublChen Novice

      We are recomposing and composing desktop pools and some of the pools/desktops are not showing up in the "Online" section of the App Volumes Manager.  It is very hit and miss with the pools/desktops that don't show up.  With them not showing up, of course their applications are not getting provisioned.  These pools/desktops are are built off the same golden image with the same version of the App Volumes Agent (  Has anyone run across this and/or a solution for it?  I have already gone into the settings and changed the rescan time for online machines to 5 minutes with a 10 minute downtime, down from the default 2hrs 30min rescan and 2hr downtime.

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          DublChen Novice

          For anyone checking up on this issue, it was due to the AppVolumes Agent being out of date and not having the (new) option of disabling SSL certification against the host.  We do not use SSL's internally, and that seemed to be the issue.  There is also a KB out there with how to disable SSL certification manually.

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