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    Virtualized Solution supporting Unstructured Data

    sgunelius Expert

      We currently support 25TB of unstructured data on several SAN-attached file servers and I've been considering replacing them with a NAS or NAS gateway solution, but I also think just supporting access to this data for ~1,000 Windows clients would work fine on a virtualized 2-4 node WSFC.


      We need to keep the solution on-premise, we've already invested in a tradition 3-tier architecture (HPE ProLiant/Synergy for compute, Cisco for network and DDN/Tintri/Tegile for FC storage) and I really just want higher availability that what I get with the current solution.


      I've spoken to some local peers about their solutions; one is migrating to VMs built around Nutanix AFS and another to VMs using NetApp's Data ONTAP solution.  What have you guys employed to support unstructured data for Windows client access that's highly available?  Thank you.