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    Caps Lock not working after upgrade to 15.5.5 build-16285975 yesterday

    kstatinet Novice

      CAPS lock button stopped working after upgrade to 15.5.5 build-16285975 yesterday.


      After upgrade CAPS Lock stopped to work in VMWare Workstation Pro for Windows 10 Pro.


      It looks there was a similar issue with earlier versions of the software and NO resolution from VMWare.


      Caps lock always turn on after switching from Windows 10 Virtual Machine to Host


      If not in VMWare, CAPS lock work without problem. When starting VMs (Mint, Kali, Win Server 2012, etc), the caps button works just before clicking on any field and then I can only type in CAPS locks even though CAPS locks button is turned off.


      1. added Enhanced keyboard feature that I skipped during installation - no change

      2. I went through Repair install - no change. 


      Laptop - Thinkpad T490 with all the latest software/device drivers/bios etc.


      Would downgrade solve the issue?

      If yes, could you please send a link to downgrade back to 15.5


      Thank you

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