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    Accessing system files through vcenter

    mahmn Novice

      I would like to know if it possible to edit esxi operating system files from vcenter/vsphere? In fact I would like to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config file without ssh.

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          Nawals Expert

          I don’t thing you can change without ssh. you have to take ssh and login on esxi  then you can change the file as you are looking.  However, it may possible to change via powercli script but I ‘m not sure about it.

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            Amin Masoudifard Expert

            I don't think so ... From the vCenter perspective, you have control over the ESXi management options, not the troubleshooting details settings. For example you can start/stop services/daemons of ESXi hosts like the sshd, but there is no need to change their config files from the management view of the vCenter server. However, I think you can achieve your goal by running a good (and maybe complex ) PowerCLI script.

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              IRIX201110141 Master

              What do you like to edit?

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                mahmn Novice

                I was trying to setup key based login instead of password method, but things went wrong and now when I want to ssh to the esxi node, I get public key error (access denied) and I can not even use password for sshing. See this topic.



                I can access the esxi web page (where I see administrations and VMs) by directly entering the node's ip or vcenter.

                If there is no way, I have to directly use KVM and monitor to enter the direct terminal of the node but it takes some days.


                If I can bring up a terminal from the esxi web page, I guess it will be fine. But didn't find such option in the menus.