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    Intel X550 10gbe network adapter not showing under storage adapters

    vmwaresucksatrestarting Novice

      Hey so i got some new dell servers, R640. They have 4 10gbe interfaces. Two intel and two broadcom.


      I cabled up the intel nics and set them up fine. I added to the virtual switch and gave storage IP addresses to the ports. Until i got the part where i generally set up the storage connection. The adapters do not appear in the list of storage adapters. I can add a virtual iscsi storage adapter, but i can only add one. That does work but seems buggy to me, in that when i go an scan for HBAs the whole esxi host grinds to a halt for hours.


      I am thinking this is because the physical adapters are not rendering under storage adapters.


      How do i get them to appear in this list? do i have to enable something on the card itself in the firmware?


      The other two 10gbe nics (Broadcom BCM57416 NetXtreme-E 10GBASE-T), maybe they will show up under storage adapters when they are cabled up? does the cable status effect when cards show up under storage adapters or do i have to do something else to make them show up there? in my memory they were always just there.


      ESXi release is 6.7.0 15160138 provided by dell EMC.