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    Network connectivity issue for paused VMs..

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      I'm not sure if I'm the only one facing this issue.


      I have tried this on Workstation version 15.5 Pro Build 14665864 and 15.5.1 Pro Build 15018445.


      I have tested this setup over and over and over again with different configurations and this is constant issue.


      Soon as the VMs are paused or restored from snapshots the VMs cannot communicate with each other, and not sure why this issues has only come about when I added routers/firewalls.


      Everything works fine as long as I don't pause the VMs or restore from snapshots (which is needed since my setup take nearly 2 hours, and I have spent 3 weeks just to find out what the issue).


      I have even tried windows server routing and this too suffers from this connectivity issue.


      Has anyone used Sophos XG home edition firewall or pfSense for routing and come across this issue.