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    2 nodes vSAN / QuickStart / Connection refused.

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      Did you ever encounter this issue while using the Quickstart?


      The setup is a classic 2-nodes + witness running the 6.7U3 with the latest build


      Witness traffic is tagged on vmk0 on both hosts, network connectivity is up between vmk0 and witness vSAN traffic

      vSAN health is all green.

      but we end with this message at the end Task: Configure the cluster and member hosts – > Connection refused: The remote service is not running, OR is overloaded, OR a firewall is rejecting connections


      The vSAN cluster is up on both hosts, but the witness cannot join. I am still reviewing each component logs at the moment but suggestions are welcome.




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          orbe Novice

          Small updates,


          I reset the whole configuration, use the quickstart again.  The connection refused message didn't show up and it was like step 3 was never done!

          I ended up going to vSAN service, Turn it Off and Turn it On again followed filled all required inputs and my vSAN was up.


          As a side note, the vCenter was not a fresh one, it was migrated from an old 6.5 Windows version. Could it be the reason? I didn't find any relation.

          I am still interested to know which log is related to this quickstart process thought