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    SVDRIVER Parameters for AppVolumes agent 2.15 vs AppVolumes agent 2.18.2

    jigocz Lurker



      while installed a new AppVolume agent 2.18.2 I can see that there is a change in SVDRIVER  Paramaterers from version 2.15




      • The Parameters ReplicationLevel is in version 2.18.2 with different default value then in version 2.15
      • There is a new parameter ReverseReplicationList in version 2.18.2


      I was searching around in the Vmware Docs -  Configuring the SVdriver Parameters ==> Configuring the SVdriver Parameters <==

      the listed parameters are not there documented.


      Does anyone know or has some experience what the parameters do? what are the options there, recommended values, what are the implications, etc?


      Thanks in advance.