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    Adding an EXE Application ended with FINAL_DETECTION_FAILED

    MartinLeiva Lurker

      Hi Community,


      for some reasons we are having some unexpected errors tryig to deploy EXE Programms. Every parameter works, because even if the console shows that the program is Not Installed, you can find it in the user device as installed.

      After trying to understand what the cause could be, I asume, that the error come from the Deployment-Option Section under When To Call Install Complete. Our criteria is, if a file (exe) exist, than is the installation OK. But for some reasons, the criteria doenst recognize that the program was installed and the file(exe) is now under the new folder created after the installation.


      Trying with another programm was sucessfully after giving an AplicationID as criteria, but this programm I'm trying doenst have an ApplicationID.


      Does anyone know a better way to deploy exe-instalaltions?