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    WebEx Productivity Tools

    pchapman Hot Shot

      Has anyone been able to get WebEx productivity tools to work with UEM?


      I created the following config:









      DirectFlex is off for testing.


      It captures everything in those folders.  It appears WebEx stores the username/password/etc in the registry.  It also has a .xml file called PTconfig.xml in %appdata%\WebEx\Productivity Tools.  This .xml file references another XML file with a randomly generated name.  That seems to change every time you login to a different machine, after a while the folder gets pretty full due to UEM backing them all up, even if they aren't in use anymore.  I have a feeling this is related.


      When I refresh the clone and log back in, it remembers the username I typed in but I need to go through the first run wizard every time. 

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            Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
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            Never tested Webex Productivity tools, but I might find some time to test it next week.

            What is the exact problem, only that the password is not remembered?

            Do you already use the UEM Common Windows Settings templates for 'Personal Certificates' and 'Internet Explorer Passwords'? Because those templates manage the regular Windows password faults, maybe Webex stores it's password there also.

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              pchapman Hot Shot

              Thanks, yeah I am using both of those templates.


              The problem is - after logoff/logon, if you launch productivity tools, it only seems to remember your username.  It makes you enter password and go thru first run wizard every time.  Also unregisters the outlook plugin.  I really think its related to that binary config file it references, it seems to create a new one on every logon and ignore the other settings in the registry.  It's odd.

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                I have a bad feeling this won't be able to work with UEM..

                Here's a link to their support page stating that it doesn't work with roaming profiles.



                Knowledge Base - My Resources

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                  ijdemes Expert

                  Good to know. Thanks for the feedback!

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                    jamorris27 Lurker



                    I currently use Cisco Webex Meeting (and Virtual Desktop), and I capture a few more registry entries and directories that you may want to try. 



                    HKCU\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop

                    HKCU\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco Webex Meetings

















                    <LocalAppData>\Cisco\Unified Communications\WebexMeetings\CSF\Logs


                    My biggest problem is that the Microsoft Integrations (like the Microsoft Outlook Plugin) doesn't function correctly. The <LocalAppData> directory was key to getting it to work, however, it can get pretty sizeable (50MB - 500MB) I've seen so far.

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                      antonpaloka Novice

                      They split the app into two separate installs recently, assuming you know this? I have decided to remove the Productivity plugin and only assign it to users that actually need that.


                      I'm also having difficulty with it, separate from UEM.

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                        jamorris27 Lurker

                        There are a few issues with the way that Cisco develops it's software, WebEx in particular:

                        • The application is updated frequently, and I have asked, but have not been given a way to control the updates.  Administrators who have to deploy Cisco WebEx Meetings and Cisco WebEx Teams do not a direct and simple way of deploying these problems.
                        • The applications depend on the LocalAppData folder for everything, so deployments on large scale mostly fail, because they are not installing the software in a central location for ALL USERS.
                        • The UEM capture can work, which it does in my environment, but they do not clean up their updates, so as WebEx updates, and installs more files, the LocalAppData directory grows emphatically, causing slowness, specifically because of how UEM compresses and extracts it's files. I've witnessed the file grow past 400MB, which is not good for UEM.