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    FNG admin needs help with Eval VCenter installed by previous admin (cannot login) and finding orphans datastores (cannot find in ESXi)

    Touchsuite Lurker

      A previous admin at my company installed an evaluation license VCenter and ESXi, did not document the SSO logins and created a bunch of VM servers.  I am unable to login to SSO VCenter and unable to administer much of the virtual systems, cannot find orphaned VM datastores, cannot register existing VMs with VCenter or ESXi.


      What I want to do is (1:) regain access to VCenter by resetting the SSO Admin p/w if possible, (2:) try to register the existing, orphaned VMs to get them squared away and eventually (3:) convert all the VMWare VMs to Hyper-V since we have only the one VM host (plus fail-over host) and less than a dozen VMs, many of which are going to go away.


      Can anyone help with regaining control of VCenter?  VMWare support will not talk to me because I will not buy licenses for all the VMs that should have never been set up.