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    Issues with Visual Studio 2019 + Writable Profile + UIA

    Ragnar B Novice

      We're running:

      App Volumes 4

      Vmware Horizon Agent 7.12

      DEM 9.11 ( no folder redirection - controlled by writable volumes )

      Windows 10 1809 LTSC

      Linked clones

      Dedicated desktops, persistent disks.



      Users are reporting that they cannot login to their VM after updating/ adding features to Visual Studio 2019 and Writable Volumes breaks.


      We installed Visual Studio 2019 on the Golden Image.


      Attached 30 gb of Writable Volume to the user, the user installs a couple of applications and in the end he decides he needs to update Visual Studio 2019.


      As soon as that is done, the writable volumes break.


      And the user gets the error:


      What are the best methods for deploying Visual Studio with Writable Volumes?


      When Visual Studio is installed on the Golden Image, is it recommended that it's installed with all features that come with Visual Studio?