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    Boxer only syncing current day and a couple of other days. Will not sync all email on Motorola G7

    PhilDAngelo Lurker
      I have BOXER running on several Motorola G7 phones fine. But one phone will only show email for the current day and a few random other days. It will not sych all email. Any ideas?

      I had the problem on Motorola G6 and used this workaround from Airwatch support but it doesn't pertain to the G7:

      Here is the fix. It is a known issue in BOXER build 1029 and due to be fixed in the next release.

      1. Click Hamburger Menu in upper left of Boxer app
      2. Click Settings
      3. Click About
      4. Click Build option 10 times
      5. This enables DEBUG mode and tells you at the bottom when it is enabled
      6. Click Back Arrow
      7. Choose DEBUG
      8. Uncheck the box by ' Enable new sync engine'
      9. Exit Boxer
      10. Go back into Boxer and mail synchs