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    How to choose approprate CPU for new esx servers??

    tlyczko Master

      I'm researching new esx vsphere host servers for one place I work.


      I'm planning Proliant Gen10 DL360 host servers with the 32GB SD storage for VMware, at least 8 NICs, 128 or 192 GB RAM apiece, nothing else.

      Simple basic Essentials Plus 3-host setup with a basic iSCSI SAN.


      I'm puzzled how to choose which processor to put in it.

      We only need maybe at least 10 cores per CPU (based on current usage), not too many more so Windows Server costs don't become exce$$ively outrageou$, with 2 physical CPUs per host.


      I know the Proliant Gen10s are on the HCL as follows:

      Proliant Gen10 with:

      Xeon Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze

      Xeon E-2200, 4,6,8 core


      How do I appropriately choose which processor to get??

      I'm sure it has to be one of the Xeon metal flavors but how do I know even which ones to consider??????

      I assume Gold costs the most and Bronze the least.


      Thank you, Tom