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    Blacklist Apps not working in Personal Profile in fully managed devices with work profiles (COPE)

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      Good morning, everybody,



      I am designing the configuration of Samsung A70 (Android 9) devices with Android Enterprise in fully managed with work profile mode. The version of Workspace ONE is 2001

      I've set up a group of blacklisted applications (in particular the Office, Outlook, Onedrive) that I'd like not to use in the private profile. These applications are in some cases already pre-installed on the device (Word,Excel,Onedrive), while others (Outlook, Teams) could be downloaded later with your Google ID personal.

      Then I created a profile in application control selecting that it was enabled on the whole device. According to the manual: "For COPE, the 'Work Managed' checkbox applies to the personal side and 'Work profile' applies to the corporate side". Configure Application Control (Android)

      After making these settings I started to register the devices.

      Unfortunately they have no effect, the pre-installed apps are accessible and also those downloaded and installed by the market later are accessible.

      Am I doing something wrong? Is it actually possible to block the use of apps in the private profile in a fully managed device?





      Thank you,