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    iSCSI vSAN multipath

    socbizkaia Novice



      i am begining with iSCSI vSAN to provide some virtual machines with iSCSI LUNs. I have one cluster of 8 ESXi/vSAN hosts. My questions are realted to the configuration of iSCSI multipathing in vSAN:


      • How many hosts/paths should I configure in my iSCSI initiator. It is convinient to use the 8 ESXi/vSAN hosts or only a subset of the cluster, for example, 3 ESXi/vSAN hosts? If I only use 3 nodes, perhaps I am loading these 3 hosts?
      • I can't find information about the multipath configuration that I should apply in the iSCSI initiator against a vSAN iSCSI target: path_grouping_policy (failover, multibus, prio...), path_selector (round-robin, queue-lenght...), failback (inmediate, ...), prio(const, alua...)... Do you know any recommendation from VMware?


      Thanks in advance.