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    vRA 8.1 - General SSLEngine problem - fresh install with LCM and multi-tenancy

    Czernobog Hot Shot

      I've set up a fresh installation of vRA 8.1, using the LCM workflows. It is a simple environment, with one vIDM and one vRA appliance.

      After the installation, I've activated multi-tenancy. The creation of the master and child tenants went on without issues, afterwards I've assigned a certificate to vRA and sync the inventory.

      The certificate that is used is a wildcard certificate: *.dom.org, was created on the vIDM and exported into the Locker.

      DNS Configuration is:

      vIDM: vidm.dom.org

           Host A for Master Tenant: master.dom.org < login works

      vRA: vra.dom.org

           Host A for Child Tenant: ct.dom.org

           CNAME: ct.vra.dom.org < error on login

      When trying to log in to the Child Tenant, I get redirected to the connector, input my credentials and after beind redirected to the Child Tenant, following error ist displayed in the browser:

      Whitelabel Error Page

      This application has no configured error view, so you are seeing this as a fallback.

      Tue May 05 10:03:22 GMT 2020

      [1d5ca56d] There was an unexpected error (type=Internal Server Error, status=500).

      General SSLEngine problem


      The message is pretty vague. On the page, where the error is displayed, the certificate loaded is the one that vRA got assigned: vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Locker CA.


      Any ideas on how this can be remedied?