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    Lowered logon times from 65 sec to 29 sec with FSlogix (and to 21 sec with FSLogix and NVIDIA)

    Lieven Enthusiast

      Due to the fact that we had a lot of problems with App Volumes writeable volumes I started looking at alternatives.


      I am now testing FSlogix.

      In stead of using writable volumes for Windows search indexing and .ost files, I switched to FSlogix. The full profile is now loaded into FSLogix containers.

      I also removed all application personalisations from UEM and only use UEM for ADMX-based settings, folder redirection, drive mappings, printer mappings, shortcuts, registry settings, ...


      FSLogix is very easy and fast to implement. The implementation took me less then 30 minutes. There is no specific infrastructure needed, only some GPO settings and file shares to save teh FSlogix containers..


      The average logon times improved from 65 seconds to 29 seconds, the search gives better results, teh FSlogix containers are very easy to backup, ...


      Is there anybody that is using FSlogix and has some good tips and tricks or caveats I should be aware of?