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    VMware ESXi 7.0.0 build-15843807: -flat.vmdk files are read locked when a snapshot is taken

    DanielJGF Novice

      We have detected that on ESXi 7.0.0 build-15843807 -flat.vmdk files are locked for reading even though the VM is running on top of a snapshot.


      [root@wxpmk:~] cat /vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2.vmsd

      .encoding = "UTF-8"

      snapshot.lastUID = "13"

      snapshot.current = "13"

      snapshot0.uid = "13"

      snapshot0.filename = "CentOS-7.2-Snapshot13.vmsn"

      snapshot0.displayName = "1"

      snapshot0.createTimeHigh = "369657"

      snapshot0.createTimeLow = "387876330"

      snapshot0.numDisks = "1"

      snapshot0.disk0.fileName = "CentOS-7.2.vmdk"

      snapshot0.disk0.node = "scsi0:0"

      snapshot.numSnapshots = "1"


      [root@wxpmk:~] dd if=/vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk ibs=1 skip=0 count=1

      dd: can't open '/vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk': Device or resource busy


      Nonetheless when we query the file lock info, the file appears as: lockMode: Read-Only


      vmfsfilelockinfo -p /vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk

      vmfsfilelockinfo Version 2.0

      Looking for lock owners on "CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk"

      "CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk" is locked in Read-Only mode by host having mac address ['00:0c:29:d5:ea:36']

      Trying to use information from VMFS Heartbeat


      Host owning the lock on file is, lockMode : Read-Only

      Total time taken : 4.1909195680054836 seconds.


      We don't know if this is the intended behaviour or it is a bug, as there seems to be some contradictions in what we could find out so far.

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