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        sjesse Master
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        Shell load time covers alot of situations. What I like to do is set  the registry key





        that was mentioned before to a very low or zero value. This basically removes the preparing windows screen, why that helps is you may be able to see whats going on behind it. I found an outdated logon script eating up 8 seconds of my logon time doing that. Also set the "display highly detailed status messages." gpo setting to see how long each service takes.




        past that if you use DEM, there are more performance tools that may help find slow areas there. One thing to keep an eye on too is cpu usuage, I know for me with 2 cpus a good part of the login is 100%, if you have alot going on during startup and are trying to use 1 cpu, its really not enough. I'm getting around 30-40 seconds with 2 appstacks being attached using 2 cpus and 8gb of memory on 1809

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          DEMdev Master
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          Hi robsisk1972,


          For those "4 minutes plus for some users" logons, how much time does DEM/UEM take? Can you share a DEM/UEM log file for such a slow logon, covering the full logon, at log level DEBUG?

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            robsisk1972 Enthusiast

            DEMdev  Thanks for the reply.   Sorry it took awhile to respond.


            So I get what your saying about the DEM.   Yes...I am persisting maybe a bit too much and GP logon times are yielding that.   However, my real problem is with Shell Load times and I have no idea why.   The following is what I observed this morning (this is not the 4 minute logon capture  as I don't have the new image with logging monitor set to all pools yet).


            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Time: 149.36 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Start To Hive Loaded Time: 3.88 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Start To Classes Hive Loaded Time: 4.63 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Profile Sync Time: 0.00 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Windows Folder Redirection Apply Time: 0.00 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Shell Load Time: 103.49 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Total Logon Script Time: 0.00 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] User Policy Apply Time: 39 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Machine Policy Apply Time: 0 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Group Policy Software Install Time: 0.59 seconds

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Free Disk Space Available To User: 17 GB

            2020-01-16T07:43:28.414 INFO (0cc8-15d8) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] ******************************************************************************************



            It does not happen to everyone.  It is not pool specific.   They all use the same snapshot of the master.  

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              robsisk1972 Enthusiast

              So...After a little testing it appears that attaching of app stacks from app volumes is the culprit.   If I remove any assignments of app stacks, the Shell Load time goes down to 6 seconds.   If I, add an app stack back, it bounces back up to 100+ app stack..   So far I have only tested with a few different app stacks to see if it specific to a certain app stack but seems to be happening to every app stack I have tired.    Should attaching app stacks (even 1) cause the boot time to add a minute and a half at logon? 

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                sjesse Master
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                ARe you using appvolumes? That shell load time for me a lot of time is appstacks doing startup,  take a look at whats starting with autoruns. I've see apps add things to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\


                which removing them can help. From the flings site, shell load time is


                "Window shell to load, i.e. Explorer. Shell load time starts when we receive a notification from Windows shell load is starting. It ends when the taskbar window is created."


                I'm getting around 90 seconds right now, and that's with multiple appstacks. If I pull them off I'm getting around 40 seconds with just UEM enabled. I'm hoping appvolumes 4.0 solves some of this.

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                  robsisk1972 Enthusiast


                  Bingo...When you say you're getting "90 seconds right now" does that mean your Shell load time is equal to 90 or the logon experience for the user is equal to 90?


                  4.0 will probably be a double edged sword form some time after going GA and being tested in the real world.   I will be following it as people start adopting it but will not be a guinea pig.

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                    sjesse Master
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                    @robsisk1972 Sorry, I manually timed that from pushing the button for the desktop pool, to while the desktop icons show up and the desktop seems responsive. I was going to look into the reverse replicaiton flags for faster logins, but 4.0 supposedly was rewritten to improve logon screens  so my next step is getting that in a lab. The good part is you can still use 2.x appstacks while you migrate to it slowly.

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                      robsisk1972 Enthusiast

                      So I ran another test today (today = A Saturday at 5:00 am when nobody else is trying to logon) and noticed my shell load time was down to from 100 seconds to 14 seconds.   Normally I am testing around 8:00 am on a weekday when 300 other users are logging in and touching the App Volumes Mgr.    So...I am starting to wonder if I need another App Volumes manager stood up with some load balancing?   I only have 1 right now for about 500 user but not all have app assignments.   sjesse  How many APVs do you have?   Has anyone seen a shell load time reduction by adding another AVM with Netscaler LB?  I may toss this up on the APV forum space too.   Seems I'm getting off topic for what this thread is intended for.  thanks all!

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                        sjesse Master
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                        Check your vcenter load, I don't think more mangers help that much if your the load on them isn't high. Also check the appvolumes queue settings if they are enabled, the default is to do only 5 concurrent appstacks at a time which may be too low for your environment. In my case I have 5, most applications are in 1, one for office, 1 for visio, and two specialized ones for different licensed software.

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                          mrstorey303 Novice

                          FWIW, I've recently been playing around with FSLogix to handle persistence for our floating instant clone pools - the results have been amazing.  Login times are down to under 10 seconds (sometimes around 5), and the user experience is better since it's persisting / catching everything that we were missing with DEM.


                          We're still using DEM to provide conditional configurations, but no longer intend to use it for registry / file / profile persistence.

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                            JohnTwilley Hot Shot

                            Which parts did you use?  The full profile or the O365 piece?

                            Feel free to share details, as we are all looking to speed up the login here

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                              jesperalberts Novice

                              I'm running FSLogix at multiple customers (with either DEM or Ivanti Workspace) while using the profile container. Everything under one roof with regards to the userprofile. It's fast and solid, everyone is happy.

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