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    Image Builder Service Health Alarm

    bewe Expert

      VCSA with 50+ hosts 6.7U3


      Yesterday i uploaded the april-patches (ESXi670-202004001) into the software depot for autodeploy

      this morning the vami reports "Imagebuilder service health with warnings" - running out of available disk space


      looking on space utililization of the vcsa it reports :


      Filesystem                                Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

      /dev/mapper/imagebuilder_vg-imagebuilder  9.8G  2.9G  6.3G  32% /storage/imagebuilder

      /dev/mapper/autodeploy_vg-autodeploy      9.8G  3.8G  5.5G  41% /storage/autodeploy


      why is the warning threshold so low? theres enough storage available