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    Threadripper on x399, RAID10 not detected

    Katphish Lurker

      ESXi 6.7u3

      Threadripper 1900x

      MSI X399


      4x2tb WD red @ SATA 0,1,2,3

      SAMSUNG ssd (esxi +swap)


      So i found this big Dell box, with two old xeons and 8gb ram, saw some free budget in the department, put two and two together and voilà...

      At first the datastorage was via NFS on a NAS nearby. However, that was slow (network and poor NAS performance).

      It was running ok for 1year though.


      Recently i added the 4 drives for a test of raid10 as faster local datastorage option but the raid was not detected by ESXi as a storage device.

      Do i need drivers (by AMD, MSI, VMware, the pope), how to load those?

      Is there a tick i didn't tick somewhere?


      I'm stuck...

      Anyone, kindly, share a thought please.

      At least, thanks for reading