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    vDS export config vs host profile?

    snyderkv1 Novice

      Why use the vDS export/import feature for backups and restores if a host profile does the same thing? I'm documenting disaster recovery procedures for our new vDS and wondering what the specific use case is for both methods.



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          Host profiles do not back up the vDS config, only a host's association to it.

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            Nawals Expert

            Host profiles does not have functionality/capability to take VDS backup and restore functionality. Host Profiles help an administrator to maintain compliance with configuration standards on a set of ESXi hosts. They can also be used to make a configuration change to be pushed to all the hosts attached to the template, without the need to make the change on each of the hosts manually.


            If you want to create new vDS for disaster recovery purpose and you are looking to apply via host profile then you can follow this procedure.

            The first step is to create the vDS without any attached hosts. Once that is done, you can attach it to the first host, using the appropriate vmnics as uplinks. Once that host is configured you can create a host profile, using it as the reference host:

            1. Go to the Home | Management | Host Profiles view in the vSphere Client

            2. Select Create Profile

            3. Select Create Profile from existing host


            You can then attach the profile to a cluster or to individual hosts to quickly deploy vDS to multiple hosts.


            Note: vDS backup and restore you can do manually or either PowerCLi script before change in the vDS.