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    Trunk Port Group ESXi 6.7

    velo79 Novice

      Wonder if someone can give some advice on this situation. I have some experience on ESXi but it's not something I work on often.



      I have one ESXi host (6.7) with standard vswitch connecting to an upstream Cisco switch. I have two cables from the host to the switch (configured as failover on the ESX side so only one cable used at once) On the Cisco switch I have the same VLANs (10-30) configured on both ports (no etherchannel/lacp etc as it's not supported on standard vswitch)



      I have two network adapters on the  VM. I want to use half the VLANs on one network adapter and the other half of the VLANs on the second network adapter. You can't specify multiple VLANs in a port group on ESXi so what I did was create a single Trunk Port Group (4095) and then assign it to both VM Network Adapters. The VM is VLAN tagging the specific VLANs on both of the network adapters (e.g. 10-15 on one and 16-30 on second) Traffic works fine on the first adapter one a test VLAN but when I try bring up an IP on the VM on the second adapter it behaves strange. I can see upstream Mac address of the default gateway on that VLAN but from the switch I can't see the downstream MAC addresses on the second interface. Basically it doesn't work.. My assumption is that I am doing something wrong here and this is not supported. Interestingly when I created another port-group with only one VLAN and I assign that to the second NIC (leaving the trunk port-group on the first NIC) then it all seems to work OK. But that doesn't help me as I need multiple VLANs.


      Is it possible to have a Trunk Port group (VLAN 4095) assigned to the same VM twice?