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    Unable to run vRO workflows from vROPs

    Uday_Mantri Novice



      We are using vROPs 7.5 instance and have integrated it with an external vRO instance of version 7.6. We also configured vRO Management pack in vROPs and configured the same to execute workflows from vROPs using action. We are able to execute the workflows successfully from vROPs.

      We had configured one more vRO instance of version 7.6 and integrated it with the same vROPs, applied the same process of integrating workflow execution. It's workflows have been discovered but we are unable to execute the workflows from vROPs. Every time we try to execute the workflow from vROPs, we get error message in vROPs Task that unable to find workflow with the workflow id.


      It seems that when ever we run the workflows, vROPs contacts the first vRO instance.


      Is there a limitation that only 1 vRO instance can be used to execute workflows?

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          Uday_Mantri Novice

          There seems to be limitation and the same has been confirmed by VMware over raised ticket.


          Summary of Call

          • Workflow will execute only on one vRO instance if both vRO instances are mapped to same vCenter server endpoint.
          • If both vRO instances are mapped to different vCenter server endpoints, no issues reported during workflow execution