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    Upgrading vRA to 8.0.1 Breaks Embedded vRO

    rmav01 Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      Ran into some weird behavior in regards to my embedded vRO instance packaged alongside vRA 8.0.1. After upgrading from 8.0 through LCM using the ISO, I was unable to run any workflows whatsoever. Logs on the run itself were empty, and any workflow would just hit a "failed" state, even a workflow that just had a start and end step. To troubleshoot, I tried:


      1. Checking the logs at /data/vco/usr/lib/vco/app-server/logs/*

      2. Restarting just the vRO services through kubectl.

      3. Restarting the whole stack with:



      /opt/scripts/deploy.sh --onlyClean



      Ended up reverting back to 8.0 via the snapshot LCM created and I can run workflows again. Is there some known issue or KB around this? I might just gut it out until a later release comes passed 8.0.1 if this is a known issue. I'm assuming that the upgrade for the embedded instance is inside the ISO for vRA.