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    Plugin ID 51192 SSL Certificate Cannot be Trusted

    RVANOC Novice

      When I got this Nessus ticket from my Cyber Security Section I said no big deal I went over to vSphere and renewed the certificate.  It renewed with the date of of 20 March 20 and was good 5 years. I thought no problem. This ticket will go away. I am not sure why Nessus won't trust a self signed cert from VMWARE but it won't.  So I thought super easy I will just create some of my MS CA certificate Authority.  


      I followed these instructions but when it came time to add the certificate to the certificate store MS did not show the template I created:

      VMware Knowledge Base

      The problem is these instruction talk about Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 and our CA is a Windows 2012 R2 server and the choices it gives me is on the Compatibility Tab is Certificate Authroity Windows Server 2012 R2(or Windows Server 2012) and the Certificate recipient(Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2) and ((Windows 8/Windows Server 2012).


      So the final problem is when I follow step Right-click Certificate Templates and click New > Certificate Template to Issue. The new certificate template I created is not in there not only that is does NOT show up in the web request page (https://CA/certsrv). 


      Any ideas?


      Any possibility I can just do this as a standard web request.


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          RVANOC Novice

          Well I picked 2008 for the server AND logged in to the Certificate Authority with my admin credentials and I now see it.   I do not understand how I generate the certificate off the host.  The instructions give me a host that is a Windows Host and using OpenSSL.  That makes no sense to me I do not use Open SSL and my ESXi boxes are ESXi not windows. Are there any instructions for creating the certificate requests for the ESXI boxes?


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