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      • 45. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
        shavinderpal Lurker

        Worked great. thanks

        • 46. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
          Tank1252 Lurker

          Nothing showing in the list to check. How do I add Fusion to the list?

          • 47. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
            relativitydrive Lurker

            This bit partially solved my issue as VMware Fusion 8.5 was already in the Accessibility list:


            1. Open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy.

            2. Select Full Disk Access in the list on left side, click "+", select "VMware Fusion.app" in Applications to  add Fusion into the list.


            I can see the VM correctly until it boots fully then the screen goes blank again.  Try this for yourself as it may solve it.  I'll keep looking for the next bit.

            • 48. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
              relativitydrive Lurker

              Upgraded to VMware Fusion 11.  EU55 but it fixed it all instantly.

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                av_30 Lurker

                sudo sqlite3 "/Library/Application Support/com.apple.TCC/TCC.db" 'insert into access values ("kTCCServiceScreenCapture", "com.vmware.fusion", 0, 1, 1, "", "", "", "UNUSED", "", 0,1565595574)'




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                  joe58123 Lurker

                  Upgrading to 11.5.0 fixed the issue for me.


                  It also resolved problems with Catalina Guest OS.


                  It's too bad that Fusion 10 doesn't work anymore. I've bought 10 and now I have to pay for 11? 11 will work for few versions, then I'll have to pay for 12. At the same time development has NO interest in fixing the issue, all work is based on community, as it's always the case in poorly managed companies.

                  • 51. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
                    av_30 Lurker

                    I have version 10.1 and its working perfectly. I did exactly as mentioned in post 33. Yo can avoid version 11.5 (if you are buying only for this reason)..

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                      DetlefSchmidt Novice

                      Thanks Lotusshaney

                      I updated to Catalina 10.15 and my Fusion 8.5.10 showed the black screen. Installation of 11.5 and reinstallation of 8.5 did not work as I could no longer downgrade the VM. With 11.5 my smartcardreader which I use for online banking is only accessible as shared and does not work. I need the passthrough version which does not work under Fusion 11.5.


                      I did as you suggested under recovery mode entering all three commands and I could check VMware fusion for screenshots.

                      My Fusion 8.5 is running smooth, the smartcardreader is accessible as passthrough.


                      I should mention that I tried it only now after Catalina 10.15.1 was available. With that I will try VMware 11.5 after my new backup is finished (takes 5 hours)


                      Thanks a lot

                      Detlef Schmidt

                      • 53. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
                        EyeM Lurker

                        Cool. I am impressed to know that you could run Fusion 8.5 in Catalina. I recently downgraded my Fusion license to 8.x so I could run it in El Capitan on a 2007 Mac Pro that still runs like a champ, but maxes at 10.11 OS X (remember that name?).

                        • 54. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
                          DetlefSchmidt Novice

                          I am happy that it fusion 8.5.10 is running after I solved the black screen issue.

                          I tried to run fusion 11.5 and it does no longer allow the passthrough more to use my smart card reader for safe online banking.

                          It recognizes it only as shared "Reiner SCT" card reader (that is the brand name).

                          I had the same issue years ago when I tried to upgrade to fusion 10.1.

                          I open a thread for that and I still hope that somebody finds a solution. So long 8.5.10. never change a running system. (As long as it is running)


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                            paulzikopoulos Novice

                            The thing is note VM Fusion isn't shown there and there is no + or - button.

                            • 56. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
                              sonshine71 Lurker

                              I have read through your solution to the Catalina Black Screen problem.

                              Please excuse that I am a novice here. I'm trying to get your solution working for myself but seem to stumble over the first step.

                              Where am I to create the script in my Catalina? Do I begin with opening a Terminal window and just begin cut/pasting your lines?

                              Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Simple step-by-step (sorry!).

                              • 57. Re: macOS Catalina issue [beta]
                                paulzikopoulos Novice

                                I never got this working at all -- black screen so I had to upgrade to V11 Fusion and it works fine, but breaks the WEbCame if running ubuntu.

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