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    Report for a single alert?

    mathewsnyder Lurker

      I'm trying to gather a list of VMs that temporarily, but routinely, breach the disk usage percentage that we've defined. I'm hoping to verify an hypothesis that the VMs in question are performing tasks which either pull in data for immediate consumption or are creating files during processing that are cleared out once jobs are complete. However, beyond filtering the alerts in my email, I have no easy means of isolating these systems.


      My question: Is there a way to generate a report or view or something that will show me information about a single alert? I have been unable to track anything down and poking around vROps on my own has been fruitless.



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          KabirAli82 Hot Shot

          Im not sure if I fully get what you want to achieve. But reports are based on views or dashboards. You could create a view based on a symptom/alert. Have that view filter your alert on definition name.

          Then you can use that view in a report.


          But if you want an alert to generate a report, thats not possible,