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        GreenDean Novice

        Here's a link to some information you may find helpful:


        VMware Horizon View and Long Login Times | Sovereign Systems


        Have you considered using Persona Management to keep individual profiles in a common folder so they will be readily available for users when they log in?

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          HendersonD Hot Shot

          I gave this another go since my original post was March 2016 and several things have changed including the version of View, ESXi, and Win10 we are running


          We have been running Window 7 using View for several years. It takes about 35 seconds to login to a Win7 desktop. I am working on building a master image for Window 10. We are running View 7.0.2 under ESXi 6.0 Update 2.


          Here is what I have done

          1. Installed Windows 10, 64 bit, build 1607 which is the latest available for download
          2. Installed Office 2016
          3. Ran Windows updates and installed all available
          4. 2 vCPU and 4GB of RAM. Our storage is a Nimble All Flash Array so IOPS and latency is not an issue
          5. Ran the optimization tool found here. We took all the defaults except we also checked most of the built-in apps to have them removed
            VMware OS Optimization Tool – VMware Labs
          6. Deleted all stub paths in the registry under
            1. HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components
            2. HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components
          7. Took a snapshot, and made a new pool with just 3 desktops
          8. Login times are 1:10 which is twice as long as Win7. When someone logs in it says "Preparing Windows" then you get the "We're Happy You're Here" followed by a few more messages and finally the desktop appears
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            HendersonD Hot Shot

            I just stumble across this article



            I enabled this key to get rid of the startup animation and it chopped nearly 25 seconds off the login time. Wow, never thought the login animation would have any affect on login time.


            The only other problem I am having is once logged in the Win10 Start menu is sluggish. I have to click on it 2 or 3 times to get it to open. Might start another thread on this

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              Markansas Novice

              Couple things on this. We've been tinkering with it for a couple months now, and have non persistent Windows 10 logins down to about 16 seconds as a baseline, which grows to around 24-27 when using GPU (Tesla M10), UEM 9.1 clients, and AppVolumes 2.12 agent in the base image. Here are a few things we've found that made a difference:


              1. Use group policy (local or AD central store) to disable OneDrive, Windows Defender, etc, the "consumer experience" and other Windows 10 bloat (such as the initial sign on message "We're glad you're here. You won't be leaving for 1:10 at least.") All the registry hacking in the world wont fix those things reliably, but group policy will.
              2. Use the Windows 10 1607 LTSB and Horizon 7.0.3 - the 1607 version has fundamentally different Start Menu workings than the older 2015 releases. 7.0.3 officially supports that release. Use Export-StartLayout to put the start menu somewhere locally, then use local group policy to reference that .xml file. Seems to work flawlessly, unlike every single other method.
              3. When using the OS optimization tool, go to Public Templates, find the win10 beta one. Click update. Some settings have been updated for 1607 and newer Windows releases. Now run it, but leave some things 'un-optimized'. Leave unchecked at least "Device Setup", "Windows Search", "Windows Firewall", and "Windows Themes". Believe it or not we have seen that surgically disabling the firewall causes start menu problems (HUH? I know right?). Anything that you can turn off via group policy or configuration manager packages in Windows 10, use that method instead of registry hacks or OSOT.
              4. Use QuickPrep. There is almost never a need to generate a new SID for these machines. Sysprep and a new SID caused an almost exactly 60 second increase when logging in with AD user accounts.


              These are our findings, your mileage may vary. Windows 10 is an incredibly frustrating experience with respect to VDI.

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                lansti Enthusiast

                Thanks Markansas!


                We are already running windows 10 LTSB with Horizon 7.0.3(upgraded from 7.0.2 today).

                Also runnig UEM 9.1.


                Running most of what you mention in your first section with GPO .

                Running StartLayout from UEM-Config share, with policy in UEM.


                I'll also upgrade vmware tools to 10.1 later today, on core and client.

                But i'll follow your advice regarding optimizing tool.


                Quickprep, I'll also have a closer look at this, just need to google a perfect recipe for this...


                We are getting there, slowly...




                Upgraded vmware tools to version 10.1

                Upgrade Horizon from 7.0.2 to 7.0.3 (client and server)

                Still the same logon time. And we also have a issue with a second delay when you click start menu, and with icons that are visible but not able to click them...

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                  ArnoM Enthusiast

                  If not done already, maybe you can try the Start Menu and Profile options listed here: https://4sysops.com/archives/improving-windows-10-logon-time/


                  Please also note, the OneDrive setup executable is in the default user registry key, so this will always be automatically installed with each logon. (Thanks Microsoft)

                  This applies also for Windows 10 LTSB.

                  See: How to prevent OneDrive Setup prompt after first Log-In

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                    Raul Hot Shot

                    Check my VDI lab login time with Windows 10 at : ITCloudStream.com  It takes about 30 seconds or less to login depending on your network connection.

                    I put a lot of hours and even days on this golden image. You need to run the  "VMware OS Optimization Tool" more than once and also Google for:


                    - VMware Horizon View – Windows 10 Golden Image Creation

                    - Decrapifying Windows 10

                    - How-to-uninstall-and-remove-HERE YOU TYPE THE APP NAME-in-windows-10

                    Login info for my VDI: Username: vg-1 - Password: Passw0rd

                    You can always use vg-1  vg-2  vg-3  vg-4  vg-5 with the same Password!

                    If anyone else is interesting to check..


                    Windows 10 Pro - 32 BIT, vSphere 6.0, Horizon 6.1.1

                    2 vCPU

                    3 GB RAM

                    20 GB HDD

                    NO SSD


                    Good Luck!


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                      DSigmond Enthusiast

                      You might consider the following when using Windows 10 as a VDI OS


                      - Windows 10 LTSB (No new feature updates, only security, No Cortana, Store, Edge and Store Apps)

                      - Consider a mandatory profile (https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2017/01/vmware-user-environment-manager-mandatory-profiles-part-1.html)

                      - When using UEM for profile management, use direct flex as much as possibe to reduce logon times.

                      - Use VMware OS Optimization tool like already mentioned in other replies. There is also a public template coming from LoginVSI with #VDILIKEAPRO https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vmware-os-optimization-tool

                      - Remove OneDrive setup

                      - Check registry for RUN and Active Setup items


                      Good luck!

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                        Markansas Novice

                        Here's something I've noticed recently - the Windows 10 Start Menu is hosed, exhibiting the same thing you mention, you can see the icons, but they are unclickable.


                        Turns out that for us, UEM is the culprit. I was able to solve this by DISABLING the Windows Explorer setting in UEM. Yes: UEM default config is somehow gakking Windows 10 start menu - by default. So, by default, I now pretty much disable most of the user environment stuff in UEM and stick to ADMX template method of customizations.

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                          i_fdez Novice



                          I don't know if you're using Persona Management.

                          With Windows 10, I've noticed if I redirect the AppData folder, login times increases dramatically, from 30-40 seconds to more than 100 seconds.

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                            Diablosonans Lurker

                            Thanks for this. I have been struggling with logon times ranging from 100 to 150 seconds lately.  I noticed that a group of users i tested that had no redirected folders logged in a lot quicker, so i was already suspecting redirecting to be the culprit, and when i removed appdata from being redirected, login dropped to 25-29 seconds. This on Horizon version 7.11, W10 1909.

                            The random login times could be due to difference in size and amount of files under appdata for the various profiles.

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                              zhornsby Enthusiast

                              i quite redirecting appdata as well and i shaved 20 seconds. have by chance tested 1909 with dual monitors? in my environment im seeing 30+ seconds added to my logins when a user has two monitors on 1909

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