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    Latest status on CAC support for iPad & iPad Pro VMware Clients?

    Wiggy1 Lurker

      I am looking for the latest status of VMWare support for CAC support on iPadOS and iOS devices.  I saw there was a post back in 2017 stating the Thursby team had been in contact with the VMWare team, but no positive confirmation when CAC support was going to be enabled.  It is now 2020 and much of government is going to telework due to Coronavirus.  I have looked through the settings in the VMWare Horizon Client app and I can’t enable derived credentials and it doesn’t seem to support native CAC support through my Thursby CAC reader (though I can check my email using the Subrosa app so I am certain the iPadOS Pro is configured correctly.  Is there going to be support for CAC on the iPad, iPad Pro, and Android tablets?  If there is a configuration I am missing, please point me, else please make this support a reality.