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    Esxcli "Connection error"

    StephenMoll Hot Shot

      I have been running a script in "local.sh" on some of our hosts that does several things, amongst which is a task to bring a host out of maintenance mode.


      We have been using this script for some years, starting at a time when we were using vSphere 6.5.


      We are now on 6.7u2 and on one of our systems the script has started playing up.


      Especially this bit:


      MaintenanceModeStatus=$(esxcli system maintenanceMode get)

      case $MaintenanceModeStatus in


                       logger -s "AUTO-START : Exiting Maintenance Mode"

                       vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit

                       if [ $? -ne 0 ]


                               logger -s "AUTO-START : Maintenance Mode exit failed"




                       logger -s "AUTO-START : Already out of Maintenance Mode"



                       logger -s "AUTO-START : Invalid MaintenanceMode status - $MaintenanceModeStatus"



      We have started seeing log entries for an "Invalid MaintenanceMode status" appearing for both hosts that use the script on one of the systems.

      $MaintenanceModeStatus is coming back as "Connection error".


      Putting a sleep delay before this section of the script seems to help, but we would like to understand why.


      When "local.sh" is run, is possibly the case that not all services in VCSA are fully ready, and calls to get information may come back invalid, empty or unexpected values?

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          Amin Masoudifard Expert


          Try the localcli command instead of esxcli and give back the result

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            StephenMoll Hot Shot

            I might try that.


            I also going to propose that we put a test script in local.sh that makes lots of maintenance mode status requests in a tight loop and logs the results. Then we hopefully baseline the readiness time of the host and put either a fixed delay or alternatively  change the request to loop until the response is either "Enabled" or "Disabled" as we expect. In the latter case though I am not sure if it would be prudent to put a limit on the loop, i.e. would we need to cover of the possibility that we don't ever get the expected responses?


            I suppose in reality we could remove the check altogether, and simply request a maintenance mode exit whenever the script runs. That assumes that the request can't suffer the same "Connection error" of course.

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              Amin Masoudifard Expert

              would we need to cover of the possibility that we don't ever get the expected responses?

              Maybe somehow ...

              Please test two ways:

              1.Try this instead of esxcli: vimsh -n -e /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit (vim-cmd has only enter option not exit)

              2. Run other esxcli / localcli system syntax (instead of maintenanceMode) when the host is in maintenanceMode and check their operations

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                StephenMoll Hot Shot

                Not really keen to go the "localcli" route. But will try it if permitted to do so.


                I suspect at the moment that the issue I am seeing is simply to do with timing. The script is trying to do things before the host is really ready. All this worked flawlessly under ESXi 6.5 for nearly two years. ESXi 6.7 definitely behaves differently in subtle ways.


                Finally vim-cmd most definitely does have an exit maintenance mode, I use it quite often:

                Copied from SSH session just now:


                [root@MollESXi:~] vim-cmd hostsvc/

                Commands available under hostsvc/:

                advopt/                   enable_ssh                refresh_firewall         

                autostartmanager/         firewall_disable_ruleset  refresh_services         

                datastore/                firewall_enable_ruleset   reset_service            

                datastorebrowser/         get_service_status        runtimeinfo              

                firmware/                 hostconfig                set_hostid               

                net/                      hosthardware              standby_mode_enter       

                rsrc/                     hostsummary               standby_mode_exit        

                storage/                  login                     start_esx_shell          

                summary/                  logout                    start_service            

                vmotion/                  maintenance_mode_enter    start_ssh                

                connect                   maintenance_mode_exit     stop_esx_shell           

                cpuinfo                   pci_add                   stop_service             

                disable_esx_shell         pci_remove                stop_ssh                 

                disable_ssh               queryconnectioninfo       task_list                

                enable_esx_shell          querydisabledmethods      updateSSLThumbprintsInfo