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    VIO6 stuck while creating controllers

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      I followed the instructions here to create a deployment : Create an OpenStack Deployment


      Unfortunately the environment got stuck while creating the controllers.


      There is really no way to say what happened and after trying to access on the console and rebooting I'm now on a no-mans-land situation:

      - access to the vio manager is locked now (too many attempts to access with the wrong password I guess).

      - Cant access the GUI after reboot.


      What is a safe way to delete and recreate and how can I troubleshoot to try and understand what is going on?

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          xiangfeiz Enthusiast
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          When you deploy OVA, you could choose 'permit root logon' to true. Then you could ssh to VIO Manager using ssh.


          Account is locked for 30 minutes with too many attempts of wrong password. You could try login after 30 minutes.


          Once login, use 'kubectl get pods -A' to check Pods' status which could be the cause of UI not accessible. Use 'viocli get deployment' to check which state your deployment was in. For details, refer to controller Pods' logs.


          The resource used by VIO is the OVA deployed and controller VMs created in the resource pool specified during deployment. You could safely delete them from vCenter and start over.