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    Dell - BIOS Profile not installing

    Mario_Juarez Lurker

      I have followed the Dell Command Suite Integration tutorial at Integrating with Dell Client Command Suite: VMware Workspace ONE Operational Tutorial | VMware for Dell Command | Monitor, since I'm interested pushing BIOS Profile to a Dell system.


      I have succesfuly deployed Dell Command | Monitor as a Native app, both Auto and on demand. DCM installs well on the systems. I have configured a BIOS profile and assigned it to a group. But whenever UEM tried to install the BIOS profile, it fails.


      I have checked, logs, event viewer, tried differente versions of Dell Command Monitor, to no avail. It looks liked somehow it gets to integrate as it shows the BIOS option in the device details, but still fails to install the profile.


      Any advice will be appreciated.

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          JosueNegron Hot Shot
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          I authored the integration tutorial you referenced. I will be implementing a few updates. One update is that Dell Command | Monitor is now seeded in the console, so basically once the profile is pushed Dell Command | Monitor will be installed, so it's not necessary to publish that app. I believe you are running into a newly discovered issue which occurs when Dell Command | Monitor is removed after the profile comes down, then re-installed. Can you un-enroll your device (make sure to uninstall DCM), unassign the DCM app, then re-enroll the device and push the BIOS profile to see if it successfully deploys. Let me know what happens. I also send you a private message.




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            rwamps Lurker

            I am having the same/similar issue.  Dell Command | Monitor installs, but the profile doesn't install successfully.  In the client logs I get this error:


            Error AW.Win32.AWCommandBusiness.CommandHandlers.BiosPasswordResetCommandHandler.ProcessCommand_$_ UnSupported Command. Command Type : ResetBiosPassword Method: AW.Win32.AWCommandBusiness.CommandHandlers.BiosPasswordResetCommandHandler.ProcessCommand_$_;


            Also, in the console, under the troubleshooting tab, it is showing a "reset bios password" command that fails, which doesn't make sense to me.

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              Mario_Juarez Lurker

              Hi rwamps, i reviewed this issue with Josue and it seems to be a bug within Dell Command | Monitor integration with WS ONE. We tried some of Jouse's recommendations to no avail.


              He sent the issue to the Dev team and I'm waiting for feedback.


              In the meantine, you don't need to upload Dell Command | Monitor anymore, as it is seeded in the console and deployed automatically when a Dell BIOS Profile is assigned.

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                rwamps Lurker

                Yeah, I saw his comment about Monitor installing automatically now, which is great, although I did notice that it's still installing a previous version (10.0) instead of the new version 10.2.  Not sure if that will make any difference.  Thanks for the additional info!

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                  Mario_Juarez Lurker

                  Yes, that is another To-do, upgrade the seeded version to 10.2.  Also they are considering seeding Dell BIOS Verification to the console, probably will see it in a future console version.

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                    Mario_Juarez and rwamps,


                    After doing some testing and validation with Mario_Juarez and our R&D team, it turned out that the device in question (Latitude E5401) did not support the Wake-on-LAN "BIOS Attribute" setting of "LAN or WLAN" was not supported by the device, therefore the profile failed to install. Feedback on seeding the latest version of the Dell Command | Monitor client and improving the return of why the profile failed to install back to the console has been passed along to R&D.


                    rwamps - let me provide a few tips to get this working for you as well. Ensure that you currently do not have a BIOS password set, if so, clear the password/set it to blank. Ensure the device supports all attempted configurations that are set in the BIOS profile. If you are unsure, I will tell you how to verbose the logs to see what is failing.

                    1. Checking if BIOS Password is Set
                      • (Get-WmiObject -namespace root\dcim\sysman -class DCIM_BIOSPassword)[0].IsSet
                        • Returns True if Admin BIOS Password (AdminPwd) is set. This needs to be reset or set to NULL value. Follow step #2 below.
                    2. Resetting the BIOS Password
                      • You will need to enter your current password into the $adminPwd field. $value remains null to clear the BIOS password.

                    $adminPwd = ""

                    $attribute = "AdminPwd"

                    $value = ""

                    Get-CimInstance -Namespace root\dcim\sysman -ClassName DCIM_BIOSService | Invoke-CimMethod -MethodName SetBIOSAttributes -Arguments @{AttributeName=@($attribute);AttributeValue=@($value);AuthorizationToken=$adminPwd}

                        • SetResult is {0} (Success) - If the method is completed successfully.
                        • SetResult is {1} (Failure)
                          • the possible value is out of range.
                          • it is an unsupported BIOS operation.
                        • SetResult is {2} (Authentication Failure) - If the BIOS password is incorrect. e.g. providing a blank or incorrect "adminPwd"
                        • SetResult is {4294967295} (Invalid Possible Value) - if the possible value is invalid; or read-only.
                      • Once you obtain a Success, running the above command with null $adminPwd, try to create a new BIOS profile and push. If it still fails, then continue to next steps.
                    1. Debug Logs
                      • We need to increase the logging level to Debug. Open Notepad in Admin mode. Open %ProgramFiles(x86)/AirWatch/AgentUI/AWProcessCommands.exe.config then set the loggingConfiguration level to Debug. Save the file, then close. See below.

                    1. Checking the Log
                      • Create a new BIOS profile, and attempt to install it. To speed things up, go into device details -> Profiles, and manually re-push the BIOS profile in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Now on the device, right-click Workspace ONE icon -> click Sync in the hidden icon menu in the taskbar. Now we will look at the logs.
                      • Open the log located at %ProgramData%\AirWatch\UnifiedAgent\AWProcessCommands.logs and scroll to the bottom of the log file and start a search going up.
                        • If you are running into the BIOS Password error like below refer to the steps above on resetting your password.
                        • For all other issues, you will need to search for isSetResultOk = False and see which attribute is failing to be set on the device. In this example, everything fails, this is not typical, you should only see a few attributes fail, then remove those from the profile. Ensure the device supports those attributes or attribute values.

                    I will be updating the Integrating with Dell Client Command Suite: VMware Workspace ONE Operational Tutorial | VMware on Tech Zone soon with some of this information and added warnings to ensure System and BIOS attributes are supported on the managed Dell devices.




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                      JosueNegron Hot Shot
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                      I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback, I just released a blog regarding tips on using Dell Command | Update 3.1 and Dell Command | Monitor here: Dell Command | Update 3.1 Tips and Tricks for Workspace ONE UEM Integration | VMware