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    creating a test lab for remote desktops

    tamtam40 Lurker

      Hello everyone

      Complete newbie to Horizon, so thought I'd ask a very high-level question.

      We dont currently use it, but I have been asked about the possibility of having a small  batch of  30 virtual desktops which users could access remotely over our VPN link.


      We currently have multiple Linked VSphere sites each with many ESX hosts, but these are used purely for windows servers, and we don't do anything in the cloud yet.


      Is it necessary for remote desktops to be on their own ESX hosts away from the server farm.

      At a very high level - what software and licenses would I need for a batch of 30 remote windows desktops that would be available for use remotely, and would be non-persistent?


      This is just to get me started and looking in the right direction as I'm getting lost in the amount of documentation available.


      Very much appreciated