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    network port binding for an iscsi adapter (no options available)

    JCDinPGH Lurker

      I have an ESXi 6.7U3 esx host being managed by vsphere 6.7. The esxi host has 6 nics and I want to dedicate 2 of those for iscsi traffic only. Right now, two of those 6 nics are not assigned to any switches or port groups so they are completely free.  I have tried this multiple times and no matter what, when trying to assign port groups under network port binding for the iscsi adapter,  (after creating them of course), there is no option to attach a port group (or anything for that matter) to the iscsi storage adapter. I want to use dedicated nics instead of having iscsi traffic going through the management network. The only options that show when adding trying to add anything in "network port binding" to the iscsi storage adapter are the nics themselves and even none of those are not selectable. I have tried this in both ESXi and in vpshere. Neither gives me anything selectable as an option. I also created a virtual switch just for iscsi and then assigned nics. It just seems like I am missing something obvious but I don't know what. The list of enabled services when creating a new vmkernel network adapter does not include iscsi as an option (although I am not sure it ever did).


      All I want to do is dedicate a virtual switch for just iscsi traffic that uses 2 dedicated nics so no traffic uses the management switch and therefore the nics assigned to it. I have been at this for the last 6 hours and tried doing it multiple ways but no luck. I have tried this as root on the esxi host and administrator in vsphere.