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    Issue with vSAN 6.6.1 new lab cluster setup - network partitioned going into unicast mode and vSAN cluster configuration consistency warning

    Guybrush_Threepwood Lurker

      Hi all, wondering if anyone here have encountered the same issue I’m facing in my lab testing vSAN 6.6.1:

      I was just setting up the vSAN from scratch, a brand new vSAN cluster setup with the latest 6.5U1 ESXi host install with the latest vCenter 6.5U1 install on a separate host – all with the latest updates and patches as of today.

      I ended up getting the same “vSAN cluster configuration consistency” warning that also listed the issue being each of the 6 hosts showing “invalid request (Correct version of vSAN Health installed?)”

      I noticed the following behavior:
      – initial setup of the cluster with vSAN without disks claimed had them in multicast mode without any network partition problem (tested multicast traffic was working with tcpdump-uw)

      – upon claiming disks, it tried to go into unicast mode and then every single host became partitioned. Unicastagent list came up empty. Cluster complains of being partitioned.

      – manually adding the unicastagent entries resolved the partition problem, and that’s how I ended up with the “vSAN cluster configuration consistency”

      Anyone have similar issues and can advise how to proceed? Thanks in advance!