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    disk expand

    sadom Novice

      I have one standalone esxi 5.1 and vm's working on it. server owner says there is no disk space on linux server .

      I checked the linux server, but I couldn't figure out which 6 discs are connected on vm.  which one is full. How can I find out which disk should I expand.


      rvtools report about linux vm . also I added the virtual machine picture. how to find out which disk should I expand


      thanks for helping



      VMPowerstateTemplateDiskCapacity MBConsumed MBFree MBFree %
      VMPowerstateTemplateDiskCapacity MB
      abc-db-07poweredOnFalseHard disk 32.097.151
      abc-db-07poweredOnFalseHard disk 62.097.151
      abc-db-07poweredOnFalseHard disk 2307.200
      abc-db-07poweredOnFalseHard disk 41.572.864
      abc-db-07poweredOnFalseHard disk 52.097.151
      abc-db-07poweredOnFalseHard disk 1307.200