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    Product Roadmap for Security Server and Linked Clone

    Preetam Zare Expert

      Hallo Team,


      Anyone here knows what is the product roadmap for the Security server. I know we no longer see the Security server in HTML5 based interface. It is only available in Flash-based interface. We are entitled to only standard version of horizon. Can someone deploy Horizon Unified Gateway. I do not see it in comparison sheet here.


      Also since instant clone is only entitled for Enterprise edition so what happens when linked-clone is formally declared out of the product.

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          Mickeybyte Hot Shot



          Release 3.4 of the UAG was provided in 3 editions, depending on what Horizon edition you have (Release Notes for VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.4 )

          VMware Unified Access Gateway is offered in three editions based on the Horizon or Workspace ONE licenses.

          • Standard
          • Advanced
          • Enterprise

          During deployment, an appropriate edition of Unified Access Gateway must be selected based on the Workspace ONE or Horizon license. For more information, see Deploying and Configuring Unified Access Gateway.


          As of version 3.5 they reversed that change and now UAG is available to all editions of Horizon again (Release Notes for VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.5 )

          All the features have been made available for all the Workspace ONE or Horizon editions with Unified Access Gateway 3.5. Unified Access Gateway 3.4 used a licenseEdition property set at the deployment time to Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise based on the edition of Workspace ONE and Horizon. The licenseEdition property is not required in Unified Access Gateway 3.5. If you deploy Unified Access Gateway 3.5 manually using vCenter OVF Deploy, then the License Edition setting no longer appears in the vSphere Client.




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            BenjaminCe Lurker

            And what about Linked Clones in the future major releases of VMware Horizon?

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              Lieven Enthusiast

              I do not see any sign that linked clones would disappear very fast. (but I could be wrong)


              Instant clones have the benefit of not needing a view composer (with its dependency to a SQL or Oracle database) but they also have some disadvantages  (higher dependency on your vCenter Server, known problems when using NVIDIA with regards to NVIDIA licenses, ...).

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