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    App Volumes 4.0 / Writable Volume ignores snapvol.cfg

    Moluxtery Novice

      Hi everyone,


      I'm setting up a new vmware Horizon environment and I'm struggling with writable volumes and adding an path exclusion to them with a  "snapvol.cfg" file.

      I put Mozilla Firefox 72.0.2 in an AppStack and it works fine as long there is no writable volume attached to the same machine. When I add a writable volume to the machine, Firefox stops working after a while. I can reproduce the issue, if I create a new folder in the Firefox install directory with a writable volume attached. After creating the new folder firefox stops working.


      I followed these instructions to create a snapvol.cfg file to exclude the firefox install folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox):




      But it seems the App Volume Agent just ignores the file. And yes, I created the folder structure "config/writable/snapvol.cfg" before I zipped and uploaded it.


      Any help in this cas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


      P.S: Sorry for any mistakes in this text. English is not my first language.