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    G10 esxi6.7 U1  is disconnect from vcsa 6.7U1 frequently

    mehrn Novice


      I want to add our new HP G10 to VCSA but I have 2 problems.


      I config DNS record and ptr record for server G10 ,I config IP in server G10 and I do all things correct like other servers in my vcenter. when I add new server to vcsa I got this error.


      After that I reset network card in esxi 6.7 u1 several times and try again. Finaly I add esxi to my vcenter. Why I got that error??


      2- After 3-4 min my esxi disconnect from vcenter  and I got this error.


      could you help me?what is wrong? Is it special config in G10 HP? I do below solution but it does not work for me.

      ""  There is a vCenter setting (vCenter -> Configure -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> vpxd.certmgmt.mode) with a default value of 'vmca', and VMware support had changed the value to 'thumbprint' which then allowed the new hosts to join the cluster using their default certificates (these were newly installed ESXi 6.7 hosts).""

      please help me. Is it something wrong with network card?

      Should I set up a certificate server for it?


      P.S: I try this scenario with G9 HP and it works correctly in my data-center. I try this scenario with 6.7 u3 for esxi but it does not work.