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    Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU and ESXi 6.5

    GMSS_LLP Novice

      Hi Guys,


      I've recently installed a Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU in my server running ESXi 6.5.


      I've tried making a passthrough on all 32 addresses for the card on the list but when that happens and when and when I try to assign the card to a VM, the option the assign the PCI device is greyed out.


      I'e managed to to set a passthrough and make Active 1 address and than I was managed to assign this card to the VM.



      My question is:


      1. Does this mean that only 1 GPU core is assigned to the VM out of a possible 32?

      2. If so, any ideas how I'm able to assign all 32 cores of this card to the VM as when I try the option to add the PCI device to the VM is greyed out?


      Please advise.


      Kind Regards