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    NSX-T and DHCP

    PacoR Lurker

      Hello everyone,


      I've worked with NSX-V for some years and now we're looking to migrate to NSX-T.

      After playing around a little with it I faced some weird behaviours when working with Edge services.


      For instance the DHCP service.

      When creating a DHCP server, I must provide an IP address. But I understand that this address can't be part of any of the segments connected to my T1 because it "overlaps" (although it doesn't). So am I supposed to just invent a new network only for assigning an IP to the service?


      Also, how come I'm not allowed to delete DHCP ranges from segments or remove the dhcp server assignment in the T1? Is there a logical explanation for it?


      So far we still have production running on V and this and some other details we've come across are discouraging moving to T. It sometimes has a feeling of "not production ready" or a "work in progress".


      Thank you very much for your time.