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    Found an old Nexus 1000V halfway in upgrade

    Gabrie Master


      Found an old N1000V in an environment that was to be upgraded. They were running vCenter 5.5, upgraded to vCenter 6.5, but before the upgrade they first upgraded the Nexus 1000V from 4.x to 5.x. After that they upgraded the vCenter to 6.5. Now it turns out they never pushed the "Upgrade dvSwitch" button in vCenter on the Nexus 1000V. So the VSM and VEM are all upgraded, but they forgot to upgrade the dvSwitch.


      Pushing the button is easy, but I can't figure out what the impact might be. Is there a hickup on the network? Longer downtime? Usually everything I do on the VMware network stack is very stable and would cause max 1 ping loss, but with this I'm not 100% sure. Any ideas?


      (Of course the Cisco support was canceled some time ago)