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    ESXi 6.x Hangs during boot after ntfs4client loaded - SOLUTION

    karwos Lurker

      Problem scope and background

      ESXi 6.x after last unclear shuttdown stopped to boot. Loading was hanging on "ntfs4client" screen.

      Alt+F1 showed following error message:


      jumpstart: bora/lib/vmkctl/system/SystemInfoImpl.cpp:1511: virtual void VmkCtl::System::SystemInfoImpl::SetupSymlinks(bool, bool): Assertion `locker.get()` failed.



      Problem leads to damaged swap file, most likely because of power-outage, swap file is marked as 'locked' and hypervisor couldn't deal with situation. Other possible reason is due to Swap Parser bug - due to file corruption, we see Assertion Failure and process silently quits.



      Boot ESXi installer. Hit ALT+F1 to open Console.

      Enter "root" and press Enter twice.

      cd to /vmfs/volume/

      cd to system datastore (which contains swp files/vswp files)

      rm *.swp

      rm *.vswp


      Not sure if need to remove just a *.swp or both *.swp *.vswp - i removed both and booting went OK, having no excess time checking the exact nature of problem.


      Best Regards,

      Piotr Karwowski