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    Office 2019

    himcrucified Enthusiast

      Has anyone been successful yet installing Office 2019 using App Volumes? I know it's not technically supported yet but I figured I'd see if anyone has been successful despite not having official support. Thanks.

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          Anobix67 Enthusiast

          So wanting to deploy an appstack with Office 2019 on it? Or having a golden image with 2019 on it and how it interfaces with app volumes?

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            Dempseyy93 Novice



            Finding it impossible to get Visio and Project functioning alongside Office 2019 - very little info out there as to why.


            Have tried installing Office2019 in the build, as well as via a stack and while it mostly functions, Project and Visio are the main fight.


            Windows 10 (1809)

            Appvols 2.18

            UEM 9.6.855

            Horizon 7.7

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              Natestack Enthusiast

              I am having the same issue


              Windows 1809

              Appvol 2.18

              Horizon 7.10


              Have Office 2019 in the build which works fine but when you do a volume for Visio/Project 2019.


              Error we get is


              We're sorry but Project/Visio has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Project will need to be closed as a result.

              Would you like to repair now


              Do the repair and still have the same error ?


              Any ideas

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                DanielLenz Novice



                so you got an working appstack with Office 2019? How did you do that?




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                  Natestack Enthusiast

                  We place office in the build that works.


                  Visio and Project don’t which suck


                  they currently work on the older version of office eg 2016 but you cant have office 2019 in the build and Visio/Project 2016/2019 work with it really annoying.