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    how many load balancing is supported on NSX-v x-large size?

    asiaengineer Lurker

      Hello everyone, I have to a question.


      Does anyone know how many load balancing is supported on the NSX-v x-large size?


      I find to configuration maximum link :


      ===>> Load Balancing Load Balancer Servers per Pool - Compact Edge Size  : 32


      other link :

      https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-31772   —> include file : NSX-6.4-LB-ToI-v1.4-public.pptx

      ===>> # of Servers per Pool (X large/Others) : 256*/32


      I think that it’s supported 256 on the x-large size.


      It is thought to be the wrong number.


      Could you tell me which one is right?


      Attached is the result of my test.