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    Upgrade VM Tools 10.x to 11.x on Auto Deploy Hosts / Guests?

    vmmonkey Hot Shot

      I have an environment that is on the latest 6.5 patches and over 100 hosts on auto deploy. We have only 9,000 VMs. We received a vulnerability alert for VMTools 10.x and need to get to VMTools 11.x. ASAP


      From my research, there is only two way to accomplish this. Please advise if there is a better way. The main goal is to avoid downtime and interruption while automating as much as possible.


      Option 1 - Update VMTools package to 11.x in Auto Deploy image, reboot/redploy all auto deploy hosts then update VMTools per image


      Option 2 - Package VMTools 11.x and deploy to VMs via SCCM with no reboot option. Reboot/update tools on OS updates


      Thanks in advance!