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    Cannot Remove all Flash Disk Group

    seamusobr1 Enthusiast

      When trying to remove a disk group using esxcli vsan storage remove -u 5265713e-a712-9d31-4a8b-b77b5e1bb39e I get the error below


      Unable to remove device: Failed to write partition


      I have managed to dismount  all of the ssd capacity disks in the management group but cannot dismount the   cache disk. The cache disk is faulty but in vCenter is reporting as mounted but with permanent disk failure



      In vcenter it is reported as mounted but with permamant disk failure  will not let me delete the disk or Management group as the cache disk is still mounted


      Any help would be gratefully received





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          KabirAli82 Hot Shot

          Just a long shot... but maybe partedUtil can help you out a bit.


          First you will need to find the device:

          esxcli storage core device list


          Then you could try:

          partedUtil delete <diskName> <partNum>


          (e.g. partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.60001234567890 1)

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            TheBobkin Virtuoso
            VMware EmployeesvExpert

            Hello Seamus,


            If it is seen in /dev/disks then try to delete it using:

            # dd if=/dev/zero of=/vmfs/devices/disks/<naa.###> bs=1M count=50 conv=notrunc

            # partedUtil mklabel /vmfs/devices/disks/<naa.###> msdos


            If it can't write to it then it could be in a Read-only state due to a hardware failure (it should state this when trying to overwrite and/or in vmkernel.log at this time).



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              seamusobr1 Enthusiast

              Thanks to all those who replied and thanks to the Bobkin who has been really helpful in this post and in others

              I managed to reach out to GSS

              We rebooted the host in question and disabled the vsan services on boot


              He logged back into the host and removed the disk without any of the vsan services running


              Thanks again to the community here