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    NSX-T 2.5 - Lab Design/Possibilities

    CaptainCrunchNow Lurker

      I will preference this with I have very basic networking skills and i am trying to learn NSX. I have a lab where i have installed NSX-T 2.5 on two hosts. I have successfully deployed two segments and a Tier-1 gateway and i can get those segments to talk to each other. I am now trying to get these segments to talk out and to the internet. I will also need to access the VMs on these segments from an "external" IP.


      I will have a series of VMs in a "pod" and would like to have 1 external IP assigned to this pod of VMs that i could access from this "external" IP and forward various ports to various VMs for connectivity. I am a little lacking in the terminology but is it possible to deploy a Tier-0 gateway for my pods segments that has an uplink(via an edge node?) of an "external" IP that i can then have my VMs access the internet and forward my ports to the VMs?


      By "external" IP, i have a network in the lab that is available to my ESXi guests that i can access without anything in the way. It would be an IP on this network that i would like as my external IP for the segments.